Triview Metropolitan District

Mailing Address:

Mailing Address:

16055 Old Forest Point, Suite 302

Post Office Box 849

Monument, CO 80132

Phone: 719-488-6868

Fax: 719-488-6565

Office Hours:

8 a.m. through 5 p.m.

Monday – Friday

Emergency Water Operations Tel: 719-487-9291

Triview provides five core services to our residents: Water; wastewater and stormwater services; road maintenance, repair and plowing; park maintenance; and open space preservation. Specifically, we:

  • Provide water to homes and businesses

  • Provide collection and treatment for sewage from homes and businesses

  • Operate stormwater facilities, including detention ponds (from rain and other sources that drain into a street drainage system where it flows to streams and creeks)

  • Provide mosquito control for our open spaces

  • Maintain roads (paving, plowing, repairing and replacing roads)

  • Maintain parks and open spaces

    • 10 public parks (mowing, watering) along with streetscapes and medians